Child at Street 11 is a multi-racial, secular, independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to helping low income and dysfunctional families provide quality early years education for their children. 

Started in April 1999, the Centre serves children aged two to six in a full day programme.

This pioneer programme, was initiated by a group of concerned professionals who had found from their research that children from low income families had difficulties coping with their education in school.

The programme now has a well integrated programme, involving children, parents and the community. This program has shown that the poverty chain can be broken in one generation. 

Using trained early childhood educators, social workers and education psychologists, the Centre has helped children do well in school and enabled parents to provide a safer, happier and more conducive home environment for themselves and their children. 

An integrated, multi-sector approach is necessary because there is no one agency that has the resources or expertise to help children and families overcome problems of illiteracy, violence and unemployment. Investment in a good early years education will help society save millions in later life. Child at Street 11 programme for children and parents are preventive in nature and will in the long run help strengthen society.

Child at Street 11 strongly believes that children have rights to sound education, good health and protection against violence and abuse. 

The programmes are supported by contributions from individuals, companies and foundations. Contributions are tax deductible.

It is far better to have a fence at the top of a cliff than an ambulance at the bottom.

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