At Child at Street 11 we have many distinguished visitors. Here are some of their views.

"Having visited the Child at Street 11 Childcare Centre today, my wife and I are deeply touched by your very professional approach to childcare and making small pre-school children self reliant and confident. Your good work for them until they are ready for Primary School, needs to be continued in their initial years in Primary School."

Best Wishes,
President S. R. Nathan
and Mrs. Nathan 

30 April 2003

"I think it is a very good effort. It is a labour of love and it is very labour intensive -- very dedicated work from the volunteers, from the staff, the community supporting it and putting effort into starting young with the young children so that they have a good start in life. Children come from families with difficulties and they work with the kids and with the families too and bring out the potential in the children. As you can see there is actually a lot of talent in them.

We would like to encourage more people with that passion and commitment to come and widen the scale of activities."

DPM Lee Hsien Loong
28 March 2004

"Impressive! In your own way you are making a difference to the lives of ordinary Singaporeans."

Dr Yaacoob Ibrahim
Minister of Community Development and Sports, Singapore

"Your work is truly inspiring. It was wonderful seeing the joy and learning of everyone here. Thank you for sharing your centre with us."

Ms Sally B.
Department of Family Community Services, Australia

"What you are doing is most meaningful."

Mr Bryan Davenport
President, Eurasian Association, Singapore

"Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to do the community service. It was certainly an eye opener for me and my friends from Youth Challenge."

Mr Ian Cai
Youth Challenge, Singapore

"I saw dedication, motivation, care, empathy, perception, joy, love and determination. The true essence of the innate goodness that is perpetuated, nurtured and supported here."

Ms Tineka Van Gasselt
Montessori Directress, Sydney

"Wonderful! Just like the little boy kept on telling us. Love from Netherlands Charity Association."

Mrs Hilde Hoogwaerts
Netherlands Charity Organisation, Singapore

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