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You Mean There Are Poor People in Singapore? 
Many well-wishers often want to know whatChild at Street 11 Childcare is all about. Below are some frequently asked questions:

Q: Who is this child care centre for?
A: For children from low-income families. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. Priority will be given to families with low income per person.

Q: Why do you want to set up a child care centre for needy families?
A: There is a need for such service. In a 1994/1995 survey of several rental blocks in Ang Mo Kio, Child at Street 11 volunteers found about 100 families with children aged two to six. Most of these children stayed at home with their mothers because their families could not afford the fees to place them in child care centres. Mothers could not go to work because they could not afford baby-sitters. 
Child at Street 11 found that many mothers would prefer to go to work, as a dual income would help the family break out of poverty trap in the long term. A subsidised child care centre for the children means the mothers can go out to look for a job to support the family.

Q: You mean there are such poor people in Singapore?
A: Yes, there are many needy families. Child at Street 11 would like to do its part to make life easier for some of them.

Q: How much will parents pay?
A: They will pay what they can afford and 
Child at Street 11 will subsidise the rest. 

Q: Will you only be helping Indian children?

A: No. Child at Street 11 will help children of all races. Poverty is colour-blind and does not discriminate by race, and neither will Child at Street 11. Needy children can make a better life for themselves if they are helped by the family and community. This child care centre is one small way of helping a child and his family get a head start in life. We can make a small difference - but only with your help.

Q: How can I help?

A: You can donate money. 
Child at Street 11 needs to raise more than S$350,000 each year to run the centre. More than seventy-five per cent of this will provide children from underprivileged homes with foundation education. You can also help in its fund-raising projects. In the past months, Child at Street 11 volunteers - who include corporate citizens ,housewives, professionals, students, journalists, expatriates - have raised funds for needy families.

Please drop a note in the mail if you would like to help. Donations for $100 and above are tax deductible.

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