Most pre-school centres in Singapore do not have integrated programmes to help children from problem homes.

Child at Street 11 helps children by having well-trained pre-school teachers focus on education and parent education. It also networks with external agencies that have social workers, counsellors, educational psychologists, doctors and other professionals.

No other group of children so desperately needs the benefits of high quality pre-school education. Child at Street 11 has been able to provide a good educational foundation for children, whose self-esteem is low and motivation is limited. Child at Street 11 has a rich learning environment where there are sensitive, approachable adults to support them.

Child at Street 11 also helps young children who would have been deprived of their legal rights. The Centre has helped children whose births have not been registered. In one case, the process was difficult because the child's father was in prison.

Child at Street 11 also works with doctors and hospitals to help children with problems of abuse and health. A six-year old child, who was from Child at Street 11, continues to receive the Centre's support while she recovers from a serious brain tumour problem that has left her almost blind. She has suffered from strokes and through the support of Child at Street 11, she has been able to lead a near normal life, and attend school.
Physical abuse, sexual abuse, and violence are experienced by many of the children that come to Child at Street 11. Children are not only caned, beaten and burnt but flung against walls as punishment.

UNICEF believes that whether a child fulfils her or his vast potential is largely in the hands of the family, the community and country into which she or he is born. Child at Street 11 shares this belief.

The early years of life, especially the first six years, are crucial for development. Child at Street 11 helps children so that they will grow up to be emotionally and intellectually healthy and develop not just language skills, but thinking and social skills.

Child at Street 11 also builds a strong partnership with parents and enables them to become better parents. Child at Street 11 staff convince parents of their child's capabilities through documentation of their children's evolving experiences at the Centre. This results in parents changing their expectations of their children and seeing them for their strengths.

"Foundation takes longer to create than buildings. The higher the building, the firmer with foundations have to be. The more stress a building is likely to face the more flexible the foundation needs to be. When building on poor ground, the foundations must be strengthened to compensate. If foundations are inadequate, it is very expensive to underpin them later on."

Mr. Adrian Cooper, senior architect in Britain who leads a team specialising in school designs.
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